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Allow me to introduce myself: my name is Paul Muys.

For over 20 years, I have been working successfully as a newscaster, anchor and reporter for the Belgian public TV network VRT. Afterwards, I gained 10 years of experience as communication manager for the (chemical and pharmaceutical) Solvay Group and other companies.

I would like you to benefit from the know how and expertise I acquired over the years. Your business, company or organisation deserves, correction: demands effective communication. Paul Muys PR&Media can help you to effectively communicate not only with media people, but also with any other stakeholder.

Feel free to contact us to know what we have on offer for you . I ‘m pretty sure you will be agreeably surprised by our unique blend of expertise, commitment and price/quality ratio.

A network of experts

  • Expertise and know how are fine, but of course they will not do

  • One single person cannot do it all. However, Paul Muys PR&Media can rely on an elaborate network of specialists, be they legal people, journalists, business advisers, web developers, cameramen, sound technicians, or native English speaking copywriters

  • Regardless of the nature of the project, Paul Muys PR&Media is a one stop shop. You contact us and we closely monitor your project from the very concept to the finish. We know by experience that this work method is customer-friendly, if only because it reduces the overhead to a minimum.
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